01-01-2017: The po box 85 adress is closed! Only a few dx ers sending in their reports by snail mail. In 2016 only 2 of them did. So, it's far to expensive for me to keep this adress alive, sorry!

Message for Frank: your report still not arrived here, sorry! I try to send you e-mail from several other adresses, but only replay is: 'adress unknown'. Mayby problem with yahoo? I have: Try via guestbook on this site.

June 2017. First report for MW broadcast from Ukraine. (Kiev) See 'reports'

May 2017: this is the new sticker of Radio Scotland! Available for everyone who send in a report. But also for everyone who like to receive one..

August 2010: we got a report by...You Tube! CLICK

15/22 dec. 2010: did several tests at 5955 and 6120 khz. Both Radio Netherlands freq. After they cd, (12:00h cet) we came on air and take over their listeners! Got many, many reactions from truckdrivers driving in whole Europe! Some say our signal was at the same level as R.N.W...they use a TX in Nauen, near Berlin.

30-01-2011. Testing at 15052 khz, 19 m. band. After all these years...first reception report from Japan, Greece and..New Zealand!

15-07-2011: sad day here. The nearby radiomast is collapsed after a fire..CLICK

25-02-2012. (22:10 h UTC) Did a short show at 6300khz. Got my first report from Portugal! See 'reports'.

30-04-2012 Last year the RTV mast in our neighbourhood collapsed after a fire. Tomorrow (01-05-2012) they will start to rebuild the steel construction. The parts will be installed with a helicopter from a Swiss company. Think there are a lot of videos will be taken tomorrow, if they appear on the internet i will place the links here! The whole replacing of the mast per heli will take to 19 may. Here some pictures of what they have done so far: CLICK

June-2012. New SW TX is in working order now. See pictures at 'Gallery'.

October 2014. I got several complains from dx ers who saying that my signal is very wide. Lots of splatter to neighbour stations. Some say it was 10 khz or even more. Ok, i'm using a 5 khz filter now! After some tests it looks ok, the signal is within 5 khz now! Happy with this result!