August 2010: we got a report by...You Tube! CLICK

15 &22 dec. 2010: did several tests at 5955 and 6120 khz. Both Radio Netherlands freq. After they cd, (12:00h cet) we came on air and take over their listeners! Got many, many reactions from truckdrivers driving in whole Europe! Some say our signal was at the same level as R.N.W...they use a TX in Nauen, near Berlin.

30-01-2011. Testing at 15052 khz, 19 m. band. After all these years...first reception report from Japan, Greece and..New Zealand!

15-07-2011: sad day here. The nearby radiomast is collapsed after a fire..CLICK

25-02-2012. (22:10 h UTC) Did a short show at 6300khz. Got my first report from Portugal! See 'reports'.

30-04-2012 Last year the RTV mast in our neighbourhood collapsed after a fire. Tomorrow (01-05-2012) they will start to rebuild the steel construction. The parts will be installed with a helicopter from a Swiss company. Think there are a lot of videos will be taken tomorrow, if they appear on the internet i will place the links here! The whole replacing of the mast per heli will take to 19 may. Here some pictures of what they have done so far: CLICK

June-2012. New SW TX is in working order now. See pictures at 'Gallery'.

August 2018. Due some major problems with the site, i have to all the work, done in the past years, all over again!! So, it will be take a while before everything is back again..

Update: site is back online! I was a hell of a job..did some adjustments at the 'video' page too. But i had no back up from the 'reports' page. So, some reports missing from the last 2 years. Hope i can find them in my archive.

October 2018. At SW i'm using a horizontal 1/4 wave dipole, for's hanging between the mast and a tree. But..the tree is dead, and has to be removed! So, i need another antenna. It's a 1/4 wave inverted V now. After some tests, it seems working ok!

September 2019: I added a new/old video. I'ts about a trip that i-together with other 'anoraks'-did made to the radio ships 'Ross Revenge' and 'Communicator', home of Radio Caroline/Monique and Laser 558. (june, 1985)See 'video's page

29 December 2019: Got a report from Belarus. Believe it or not: this is my first report from that country in all these years! Since 1976 that is...oh seems it was not the first one after all. Found another one in the archieves. See 'reports'!

October 2020: A artist made this logo for us. Nice!---Update 03-2021:this is also availble as a sticker!

November 2020: RSI is using audio processing for the very first time! I thought it is nonsens, why you need this as a pirate (amateur!) station...but a lot of pirates use it, or similar. So i did too..So, on the RSI signal is now Breakaway broadcast AM!