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The original....


1/4 wave Inverted L longwire, length:45m, for 180 m band. Dipole: 1/4 wave length for 48 m. band----------Even the birds like pirates..


R.S.I. qth during Xmas!


SW-TX:400/450watts, (4*PL-519 tubes) (left) Sold, may 2012_______ MW-TX:400-600watts, 6*PL519 tubes, based on a GENERAL ELECTRIC tuningsunit. In use since 1989 (!) (right)



Also in use since oct. 2005: The wellknown Rohde&Schwartz SK050._________________________SW TX: with 3 ceramic tubes type 4CX250B. Output 1KW.

And here the new MW TX (november 2009): homemade, with a Russian GU43 tube. Output 1,5 KW. On the right you see the signal generator (DDS)


This is the new SW TX (June 2012): homemade, with a ceramic 4CX1500 tube. Output 1,5 KW.


BC191n. not in use anymore, resting in my private museum, the livingroom!

CB set. President Lincoln + 100 watt amplifiër


Homemade,400w. 6*PL-519 tubes, Yes, i love these tubes..(sold in 2012)


Homemade, 400w. 4*VT4c tube.-----------------------------------------------------------------Geloso 50 watt


Photos taken at the weekly show. Every sunday 19.30-0.00h. (1980-1984, raided during show,1983)

03-07-1993: colleague's and dx-ers visiting the studio during a saturdaynight show on mediumwave.

From left to right: Gerrie, (V.O.T.N.), Stefan Printz, (S) Markus, (D) ,Daniel, (D) Uwe Juelich, (D)

Photo taken by a journalist of Free Radio Magazine, for an article, published: 6-1983.




1985: visiting Ross Revenge



stickers! (80's)


Your bad,bad pirate..

Radio Scotland Int.